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Easy Tips for Swimsuit Care


  1. Take a shower before swimming. Your swimsuit soaks up water with less chlorine rather than pool water. This may help a little. Avoid shower gels.

  2. Suntan lotions can damage and discolour the swimsuit fabric. When applying try not to get it on your swim clothes.

  3. Be cautious in spas or heated pools as these have extra chemicals in and so can shorten the life of your swimwear.

  4. Do avoid rough surfaces. They will make the delicate fabric will look tatty and worn. If you are in rough terrain, wear jeans and hoodie on top.

  5. If you’ve been swimming in open water, ensure any salt, sand or dirt is removed as soon as possible.

  6. Rinse your swimsuit in lukewarm water after swimming. Keep your suit on in the bath or shower rather than wash it bunched up in a wash basin. Avoid any shower gels!

  7. Rinse again by hand in cold water after removing your swimwear, separately after each use.

  8. Hang your swim clothes out to dry in the shade or inside to dry naturally. Let it fully dry out before wearing again.


  1. Do not wear your new Lycra swimsuit in spas. Nylon T-shirts and shorts might be a better choice as the fabric is more robust.

  2. Don’t throw your swimwear in a bag to rinse out when you get home, rinse it through before you leave the pool..

  3. Don't leave your wet swimwear rolled up in the towel after use; this gives the chlorine more time to rot the fabric and allows bacteria to breed.

  4. Don’t wash your swimwear in a washing machine or put it in a dryer. Washing machines and detergents can be very harsh and will damage your swimwear even if done just the once.

  5. Do not use an iron as the high temperatures can cause your swimsuit to disintegrate. If you want to get rid of any wrinkles, rinse in water again and the creases should fall out.

  6. Do not use chlorine bleach even if your swimsuit is chlorine resistant, as chlorine resistant does not mean it is totally chlorine proof.

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