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Stingersuits Stop Jellyfish and Sunburn

When divers or swimmers daydream, they often imagine themselves floating weightless in water so warm and clear it creates the illusion of flight. Next time you're in a water paradise check what you're wearing. Just a swimsuit, or nothing at all?

Well, flip out of it. In the real world, most experienced swimmers wear some type of full body suit, even in the warmest and most benign waters. The warm tropical water sure feels good on the skin, until you accidentally bump into a bit of fire coral, or swim through a school of tiny jellyfish.

Jellyfish and Sun Protection

When your choice for sun-safe swimwear calls for total coverage, stingersuits offer ankle-to-wrist protection, an ideal safeguard against sunburn and stinging critters like sea lice, jellyfish and other biological irritants, or the incidental contact with coral.


Stingersuits come in different styles including built-in hood, and soft bra support for women just to name a few. They don't wash off like sun lotion but stays put while you jump about and enjoy your watersports.

There are different styles and combinations of youth and adult swimsuits in different color options. Some are black, some are a navy, some are are highlighted for for visibility or fashion. We recommend that you'll try them on before you buy, if possible.

Comfort is Important

The stingersuit is the ultimate and probably the most comfortable swimsuit you can get. Look out for the softest chlorine resistant fabric that fits like a glove. It should be lightweight and maximise freedom of movement with excellent stretch and recovery.

Stingersuits are naturally form fitting to reduce drag in the water while providing full-body protection. The long zip makes slipping in and out easy. With no need for a waistband these form fitting clothes feel almost like not wearing a swimsuit at all.

We found some suits kind of tight and form-fitting, almost restrictive around shoulders, crotch and knees. Many people choose a little bit larger in size to be more comfortable. You definitely want them snug when you're in the water, not so baggy that they ruin your swimming performance. Some people don't want them super form-fitting to show every little curve that you may have.


There are two separate styles, hooded or non hooded. Most of them have a front zip so they are easy to get in and out of.

We recommend you get a hooded swimsuit which is more versatile and gives better sun protection for your neck and ears, avoids your hair tangling in your scuba mask, and keeps tiny stingers away from your ears.

A hooded stingersuit provides complete sun protection without the hassle of changing outfits before and after each dive. This is especially true on smaller, open boats where shade and changing space is at a premium.

Hands and Feet

Foot stirrups on some swimsuits prevent them from riding up at the legs. However, stirrups can wear out quickly from walking or swim fins, so bear that in mind. Some suits have build-in socks and gloves as but we advise against that as they wear out faster than stirrups or the rest of the swimsuit. Get them as separate accessoires.


Stingersuits are basically diveskins with a denser fabric which is very stretchable, breathable, lightweight, quick drying, easy to wear and maintain. The better suits are made of chlorine resistant fabric which lasts much longer. Their fabric tends to be slightly thicker so that it can provide more protection from the sting of potentially deadly jellyfish, such as the box jellyfish.

These suits are commonly made out of a stretch material which is basically an elastic fabric with a silky finish. A stingersuit does not have much thermal protection. Use it on its own when you are swimming in warm water, or underneath your watersport clothing.

Your Stingersuit Comments

Below are a few comments we've received from our readers. Feel free to send your comments to us via the link on top of this page. Please mention if you have photos and we'll let you know how to send them.

First Swim in a Stingersuit

by Timo, Hamburg, Germany

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia goes all the way down to the Whitsundays Islands near Cairns. Many tour operators organise trips to the reef or some beautiful beaches. This was wet fun I couldn't possibly miss.

Snorkeling in Oz

First stop was the incredibly beautiful Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, the largest of the islands in the group. The squeaky white silicon sand blends into the ludicrously pure blue waters, making it a stunning view with the blue sky and green trees. It is perhaps the most stunning beach in the world.

Stinger Season

It was the 'Stinger Season' when the beautiful aqua sea is full of rather dangerous jellyfish, called Irukandji. These lovely forms of wildlife are moving south from October to May.

A warning has been issued by the Surf Lifesavers about swimming outside of netted areas because of the jellyfish. Basically the warning is "If you swim away from netted areas you can expect to die".

The trip organisers strongly encouraged us to wear their "stingersuits" and put hood up whenever we went into the water, even in a netted area. That would keep us safe from "stingers" and sunburn.

This was all new to me. I usually snorkel in T-shirt and jeans, so I wondered what difference it will make. They told me, if small jellyfish would swim between my clothes and my skin then there would be real trouble.

The suit had a hood and mitten-type things for the hands, so I was pretty much blue top to bottom. Its dense weave meant I didn't need to wear anything underneath, just this comfy swimsuit. The cosy hood fitted well, even when I turned my head.

This stingersuit was so comfy, I actually wore it all day long as it also kept the beach flies off my skin.

Blue Man Group Goes Swimming

We went for an early morning snorkel swim which was an exciting new experience. It was bally hot, even at eight in the morning, and I was glad to get wet. This stingersuit felt great as I entered the water and floated around with all the freedom of movement.

After the first snorkeling session we had breakfast on the boat that brought us to this beach. Like many others I kept the wet stingersuit on because it felt so comfy and kept me pleasantly cool while it dried in time for the next swim.

To reach the beach we had to get back into the water, wearing the stingersuits. It looked so comical to watch this incredible beach populated by people in tight fitting blue suits. Think of Blue Man Group goes swimming!

Amazing Tropical Fish

Feeling a new sense of excitement, I got my underwater camera out and went back into the warm, clear water where I spent the next two hours swimming among the breathtaking coral. The tropical fish were very inquisitive. They came really close and kept following me around.

I had a really enjoyable time! The stingersuit was one of most comfortable swimming clothes I've ever worn. It is a lot lighter than the jeans, T-shirt and hoodie I normally wear for snorkeling, but not as warm. This stingersuit is great fun to wear, either dry or in the water, and I definitely want some more of these suits.

Snorkeling in Thailand

by Veronica, Torquay, England

Thailand's waters have always been so uncomfortable for me because of all the little and not so little stingers. This year I wore a stingersuit when I snorkelled. It definitely made me feel more comfortable, less need for sunblock, and no more stings. It was great.

Back home I also like to wear it when swimming. The large size fits comfortably, I didn't want anything tight. Now I can join my children in the water, confident that my wobbly parts are hidden. Thank goodness I found it on this website.

Khao Lak

While researching our upcoming vacation to Khao Lak and Bangkok we came across several articles about the presence of box jellyfish.

We bought stingersuits for the whole family after a girl in a local school died from a jellyfish enconter on Koh Lanta, in Thailand. Stings usually occur in rough weather when the jellies are driven in-shore.

Most tourists who went into the sea without stingersuits or just in light clothing got stung when we spent a week in Khao Lak. Their stings were painful and caused nasty scars. We never travel without stingersuits and a bottle of vinegar. ~ Frank and Joanne, Sydney, Australia

Tropical Holiday

by Tom and James, Eastbourne, England

My boyfriend and I got our stingersuits online when we searched the Internet and found many to choose from. We ordered suits with a nice snug fit, a hood, and separate gloves. The hood fits really well, turns with every move.

We were really comfortable in the water and didn't pollute the reefs with sunblock because the suits protect from sunburn. When snorkelling for long periods we used to get a bit cold, but with the stingersuit we were out there much longer.

When there are small jelly fish in the sea we wear our stingersuits, otherwise we just swim in casual clothes because it's fun.

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