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A cagoule (French: [kaɡul]), also spelled cagoul, kagoule or kagool, is the British English term for a long weatherproof raincoat or anorak with a hood.

Cag, short for cagoul, is from the French word for hood, "cagoule". Cag is the British word describing a long, hooded, lightweight and weatherproof jacket or pullover, first introduced in the 1960's.

Marketed as a handy fashion accessory, cagoules became very popular in the United Kingdom during the 1970s. We reckon they are still the most practical outfit for wet and wild water sports.


Cagoules are lightweight (usually without lining) and often come in knee-length form. The fabric is often an Oxford nylon which is waterproofed with polyurethane, and the seams are taped.

As a functional outdoor rain garment, the loose fit styling and proportions allow your small items of personal luggage to be protected, like a rucksack, waist bag and/or camera bag. It is sized to fit over everything, including your pack. In an emergency it can even be used as a bivi shelter.

The hood has one draw cord around the face which reduces water coming in. Another draw cord or velcro strip may go across the back of the head to reduce the overall size of the hood for a better fit. There is a drawcord at the base of the garment, so you can pull it up and tie around the waist for better leg movement.

Some cagoules have a pouch pocket in the chest area. When rolled up, the hood or front pocket doubles as a bag into which the cagoule can be packed.

This is as close to the ultimate in rain protection that you can get. It also provides excellent cover when worn on a boat or the beach. Swimming is easy in a cagoule, as many of our readers have told us.


cagoule smock for swimming and adventure
Short canoeing cags keep you warm in open water and avoid windchill. Best for wet and wild splash sports.
cagoule smock for swimming
Knee length cagoules provide better cover on wet adventures where you often go in and out of the water.
cagoule smock for swimming
Full length cagoules reach to the ankles and provide the best rain cover. They also keep you warm on poolside during swim breaks.

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Leisure comfort test
sun protection swim shirt test reviews
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